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Robots love to create companies, but we don't allow it.

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Here are a couple of examples:

We’re opening a Japanese fusion restaurant that will focus on fresh, traditional sushi and dumplings. We'll offer a craft cocktail menu and unique sake selection, all served in a modernist decor.

I am a consultant to the commercial construction industry. My company will provide advice and subcontracting services focused on the retail design and upfit niche.

Choosing an industry

Select the industry that best describes your business’s primary activity. This will help us suggest appropriate names for your business and domain names for your website, as well as tailor our search for potential trademark conflicts.

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If you already know the address you want to use for your business, enter it here. If not, your home address is fine. Later on in the “Location” section, we'll help you determine the address you'll want to use for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Almost nothing is not reversable when it comes to starting a company.
We'll use this information to help you select a great name, design a logo, and pick a domain name to use for your website and company email address.
We use your industry to tailor our suggestions for your company’s name, web domain, and trademark infringement search. We'll also need it to complete your application for an employer identification number (“EIN”) from the IRS, which we’ll prepare and submit for you later in the Startomatic process.
Just pick the one that you expect will be the primary source of revenue for your business.
Use the street address where your business will be located. If you'll be working from home - or your favorite coffee shop - you can enter your home address here. If you're planning to get a new business address, post office box, or virtual office, but don't have it set up yet, use your home address for now. Keep in mind that, as the incorporator of your new business, your name and the address you use here will be publically available in the formation document filed with the state.